Viento Maestral - Racchetta da padel con Noene Undergrip

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The unique design of the Viento Maestral racket is the result of careful engineering aimed at meeting the needs of a broad range of players, regardless of their playing style. This padel was specially created to offer a perfect combination of control and power, without compromises.

Made with high-quality materials and advanced technical features, the Viento Maestral will take your game to the next level. Find out how this padel racket can improve your performance and guarantee you an unprecedented gaming experience.

• Power and explosiveness for intermediate / advanced level players
• Incredible handling with our Airflow system
• 3K carbon for a high impact
• 3D Texture designed for greater spin

Imagine there being a padel racket that goes beyond your expectations. The unique design of the Viento Maestral is the result of careful engineering aimed at meeting the needs of a broad range of players, regardless of their playing style. This padel racket was specifically created to offer maximum control, without having to sacrifice the power that many players desire.

The secret to this exceptional padel racket is the innovative AirFlow system, the beating heart of its design. This system completely revolutionizes the gaming experience, significantly increasing airflow to ensure exceptional handling and unprecedented power and thrust. It is the perfect partner for every player looking for extraordinary performance on the court.

But that's not all. The Viento Maestral frame is constructed 100% out of carbon, offering unbeatable strength and durability. The internal core is made with medium density Viento EVA rubber, a material that skillfully balances softness and rigidity, ensuring optimal performance in every situation.

The plate, with its 3k carbon texture, has been designed to allow precise control of the rotation of the ball, offering the player a wide range of tactical playing options on the field.

In short, the Viento Maestral is much more than your avarage padel racket. It's the perfect balance of control and power, with a touch of innovation. Discover how this racket can transform your game and take you to new levels of excellence.

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Potenza ed esplosività per giocatori di livello avanzato
Incredibile Maneggevolezza con il nostro sistema Airflow
Carbonio 3K per un impatto sempre esplosivo
3D Texture disegnata per maggiori effetti


355 g +/- 10g


Surface: 3K Carbon
Core: Viento Eva


100% Carbonio




Medium / Low

Tipologia di giocatore

Intermediate / Advanced

Undergrip Noene

Ora, con ogni racchetta acquistata, ricevi un undergrip Noene. Questo materiale avanzato riduce le vibrazioni del 96%, garantendoti prestazioni superiori riducendo la sollecitazione del braccio.

Viento EVA

Una gomma studiata dal nostro team di ricerca e sviluppo ci ha permesso di trovare la combinazione perfetta per garantire ai nostri giocatori un ottimo feeling già dal primo colpo.

Airflow System

Il cuore della racchetta è stato progettato per un maggiore passaggio d’aria che garantisce maneggevolezza e spinta senza compromessi.

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